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Karachi Biennale
A Biennale dedicated to the topic of ecology, curated by Muhammad Zeeshan. With the project titled „Independent Electricity“ REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT provides a DIY solution to produce electric energy independently from the regular supply. Spinning bikes as used in a gym are placed at Bin Quasim Park Karachi. They are modified in order to produce electrical power, so the energy spent on training is transformed into electricity. Mobile phones and electric appliances can be charged on spot for free. During the dark hours the spot at the park can be lit up by the people riding on the stationary bikes. The four spinning bikes are modified with technical parts that can be recycled from cars. The project points at the ecological and social aspects of energy production. It shows how it is possible to be independent from conventional electric energy, often produced involving carbon or nuclear materials. The gym as a micro power station also supports the idea of a decentralized energy supply on a small scale level. Lowering dependency on centralized power production strengthens diversified and self-organized structures and communities.