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The Cow Demonstration
The Cow Demonstration is a demonstration of a cattle herd on the banks of the river Sava in the city of Zagreb. The cows wear slogans on their back side. The banners claim public rights and protest against private investor's interests. They were developed in co-operation with the local NGO for environmental issues "Green Action".
The Cow Demonstration is a performative event that explores the city developments of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The performance took place beside the river Sava. It deals with the question, what role the river does perform in the urbanity of the city of Zagreb.

The intervention raises awareness for the relation between public and private property. Will the riverbanks continue to exist as an undeveloped area in the middle of a dense city? Some parts of the area started to be developed and commercialized. Will the area be dominated by the interests of private investors, or is there a unique chance to protect a free space for a future use as a green area?

The project was realized in the framework of UrbanFestival.