Escape Routes

Escape Routes is a project by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT which links global streams of news to crafts in the context of contemporary art. The series contains drawings and lace pictures. They are derived from original media images about migration movements and their causes.
The series of lace works was created in collaboration between Martin Keil and his mother, a textile designer, Rotraut Keil.
The narratives of the single lace works combine contemporary visual language of the media and the traditional craft of lace making. The lace pictures are based on drawings that were transferred and stylized in lace work. Single dots are densified and netted by knots. Lines are created by twisting, crossing and interloping.
The virtual and accelerated nature of media images is contrasted with a
process of image making that is baesd on parameters like time and

With regard to contents the series is linked to the common discourse on identity and migration. According to Hannah Arendt a refugee is a person who exists outside of public order. He or she is without rights, identity and ripped out of his cultural and social context, a person who deserves protection. Can integration of immigrants lead to a fundamental reorientation of postmodern societies? It will depend on life perspectives
for immigrants in the societies of their arrival and which access to their civil rights is open for them.





The Goethe Institut Washington shows the project from 16th of June till 31st of August 2016

Opening: 16th of June 2016 with Martin Keil