Atelier Global

at the shelter for refugees in the former Stasi Areal Berlin Lichtenberg

Atelier Global was founded by RG at the shelter for refugees in the former Stasi Areal Berlin Lichtenberg. It offers possibilities to learn, meet and communicate for the inhabitants of the refugeees shelter and citizens of Berlin. The approximately 1200 refugees living in the building need possibility for social interaction, communication and intercultural exchange. Atelier Global is a place for arts activities on a regular base and the inhabitants of the house have the possibility to act self reliant in the arts and for the community. The workshops are open to participants of all ages and origins, especially children take part in the programs.


The facade of the former Stasi-HQ in Berlin Lichtenberg was transformed into the largest typo artwork of Berlin together with refugees and volunteers. The work makes visible talents and qualifications of the inhabitants of the refugee shelter.

Since February 2016 there takes place »Atelier Global« with REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT once a week at the refgee shelter in the fromer Stasi Headqurters in Berlin Lichtenberg.


At the Messe der unbekannten Fähigkeiten (Fair Of Unknown Skills) in the framework of Citizen Art Days refugees opened public market stands. They presented their crafts and services as well as formal and informal qualifications.

Atelier Global wird gefördert durch das Bezirksamt Lichtenberg, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur