Corporate Virtues

a project by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (RG) that outlines common values for the future development of Ústí Nad Labem and the company Spolchemie in a joint process

in the framework of The Art of Urban Intervention, a project by University of J. E. Purkyne, Usti nad Labem

The Company
Spolchemie an important producer of chemical products is has a huge impact on the town’s special structure. After privatisation in 1993, the company’s staff shrank from 4,500 to less than 1,000 employees. It is still the most important employer in Ústí. The company fulfills an important socially integrative function in the city. But how much responsibility can the company accept in a city strongly affected by structural social and environmental problems? It is important today for all the different local partners to work together.
The company’s administration building was built in 1930. Its facade is decorated with six allegoric sculptures from the German sculptor Hugo Lederer (1871-1940). These figures can be identified as science, chemistry, liberty, prosperity, labour and trade. They symbolize the ideals of the company when the building was erected. The current project asks which contemporary corporate values can represent the company. The aim is to transform the meaning of the sculptures to present corporate virtues for a future oriented development.

The Workshop

The workshop, at which will be participants from the board of Spolchemie, workers and union members, green activists, health experts, representatives from the city authority and university members, will work in an interdisciplinary way on future perspectives. The outcome will be a set of new corporate virtues for common, sustainable and responsible future development. The workshop shall be a starting point to strengthen networking and cooperation between all the different local partners and players. The important questions to be focused on and discussed in the workshop will be: What is important for sustainable future development? What can we do for this? How we can reach the aims? The result will be translated into new names for the sculptures mentioned above and appear in the public space.

The Public Intervention

The new names and topics will be written on the base of the six sculptures of the administration building of Spolchemie. They will be visible to employees, guests and people from Ústí nad Labem and remind them of their common future. In addition, there is a plan to build a staircase for easier access to the sculptures which are fixed above the porch of the main entrance.  Public access to the platform at the front building will demonstrate the cutting back of hierarchies and openess to the public. The platform can be used as a sun deck, break room or for open air meetings.

curated by Michal Kolecek and Zdena Koleckova

in cooperation with < rotor > association for contemporary art, Graz; University of J. E. Purkyne, Usti nad Labem; [BLOK] – Local base for cultural refreshment, Zagreb; The Blue House Foundation, Amsterdam; Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia and NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts, Milano

download the workshop report as PDF