UrbanFestival 09 ..... (IN) PLACE OF BORDER

UrbanFestival explores the city developments of Zagreb/Croatia through the perspective of contemporary art. Located beside the river Sava it deals with the question, what kind of border the river does perform in the urbanity of the city of Zagreb?

The Cow Demonstration

RG organized a Cow Demonstration at the riverbanks of Sava. The intervention raises consciousness for issues about public property. Until now the riverbanks are an undeveloped area with many different potentialities. Will there continue to be a green spot open for public use, or will the area be developed and commercialized? Will the area be dominated by the interests of private investors, or is there a unique chance to protect a free space for a future use as a green area?
The Cow Demonstration is a peaceful demonstration of a cattle herd on the riverbanks. The cows will wear slogans on their back side. The banners were developed in co-operation with the local NGO for envoronmental issues "Green Action". The cows stand in for their natural environment on the riverbanks where they can graze for the entire period of the festival.
The demonstration offers a critical and incisive perspective on the relation between natural environment and the human behaviour.

time: 1 Oct 2009, 11am

place of action: near Jakusevac on the South side of Sava

duration: till 6. Oct 2009

LINKS: ..... www.urbanfestival.hr

.................. www.zelena-akcija.hr


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