The (Re)Socialisation Of Art


exhibition and conference about the political function of contemporary art
Museum of Contemporary Art Odessa, Ukraine July 4 till July 25 2009
opening 3 July 2009, conference 4 and 5 July 2009

REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (RG) organized the project in collaboration with Bayerisches Haus
Odessa (BHO) with the aim of a broad view on cultural and social phenomena and with the objective to establish a dialogue on critical art practice.

theses and questions by REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (PDF in English)

see video

The exhibition shows especially a younger generation of Ukrainian artists, who work conceptually and related to different phenomena of society. In addition there is a presentation and public intervention by democratic innovation (Denmark). The artists raise questions about cultural education, alternative forms of economy and structures of existing institutions.

participating artists:

art raiders Odessa
REP group - Revolutionary Experimental Space Kiev ... interview (PDF in Russian/German)
SOSka group Kharkov ... interview (PDF in Russian/German)
bluemoloko Kiev
Dimitri Ermolov Kiev ... interview (PDF in Russian/German)
Alevtina Kakhidze, Kiev
Sergei Polyakov Odessa ... interview (PDF in Russian)
democratic innovation Copenhagen ... interview (PDF in English/Russian) and generic text (PDF in English and Russian)

The conference was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Exhibition makers and theoreticians from Ukraine and other European institutions were invited to talk about their practice in socially and politically
engaged art programs and discuss it with the audience.

conference speakers:

Julia Vaganova (director of CCA Kiev)
Mischa Rashkovetski (director of Jewish Museum Odessa, former dir. CCA Odessa) .... interview (PDF in Russian/German)
Christiane Mennicke (director of Kunsthaus Dresden, Germany)
Christoph Tannert (director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany) .... talk (PDF in German)
Lillian Fellmann (director of Kunsthalle Luzern, Switzerland) ... interview (PDF in English and Russian) and talk (PDF in English)
Margarete Markovec and Anton Lederer (directors of Kunstraum ROTOR in Graz, Austria)



more information about the artists and conference speakers: ..... PDF English .....PDF Russian

exhibition view: installation "art raiders against vandalism"
flee market exhibition by art raiders
exhibiton view: video projection by R.E.P. "Smuggeling"
Nikita Kadan of R.E.P. group
exhibition view: video projection of SOSka "Barter Economy"
Mykola Ridnyi of SOSka group
"The City To The People" public intervention by bluemoloko
Philip Pishik of bluemoloko talking to Margarete Markovec
"Beer and Cigarettes" by Dimitri Ermolov
artist Dimitri Ermolov
performance „UNLIMITED“ by Alevtina Kakhidse
detail "Unlimited"
Sergej Poliakov setting up the exhibition
exhibition view: parking lot for democratic innovation
parking lot for democratic innovation in public space
Julia Vaganova of CCA Kiev speaking at the conference
Misha Rashkovetski of Odessa Jewish Museum speaking at the conference
Christiane Mennicke od Kunsthaus Dresden speaking at the conference (photo Sergej Poliakov)
Christoph Tannert of Bethanien Berlin holding his speach
Lillian Fellmann of Kunsthalle Luzern
Anton Lederer of <rotor> Graz
photo: Sergej Poliakov