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Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme
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Electronic Mirror

The interactive installation Electronic Mirror was realized in co-operation with the business segments Micro Scanner Devices and Sensor & Actuator Systems. The core of the artwork is the Laser Projection Module developed by Fraunhofer IPMS. This "Mini Video Projector in the size of a matchbox" works on the basis of laser as source of light and micro scanner scanning mirrors.

The projector is connected with a camera that centres on the viewer. The image of the person is projected on an opposite screen. A mirror image, the symbol of human self perception and self cognition is generated with the help of electronic instruments.

The screen slides inear on the axis of the projection. The movement is navigated by a ultrasonic detector and reacts to the movements of the viewer. The images is constantly sharp since it is generated by the Laser Projection Module without optical lenses. The distance between the Module and the screen doesn´t affect sharpness.



The Project was realized in co-operation with the business segment Lifetronics of Fraunhofer IPMS. It applies innovative and new developed solutions in the field of mobile cardiovascular monitoring.

On suggestion of REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT the mobile ECG-Electronic was worn by selected people from different professional groups in their all day life for 24 hours. In the process the three channel long term ECG was registered and the haert rate was derived.

In a series of resulting image tables the recorded data is depicted on a time axis. In combination appear photographs made by the participants themselves. Those images show the perspective of the people on their own environment. In addition to their protocolic notices on the daily routine appear significant statements made in retrospective interviews about their work- and lifestyle.

The result brings up a comparability of the different daily routines of various professional groups. (shop assistant, manager, long term unemployed, clerk, permanent employee) It visualises the risks and stress factors of varied occupations and social milieus.


Electronic Mirror, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT and Fraunhofer IPMS, 2007, laser projector and slinding projection screen, 170 x 40 x 60 cm
Lifetime, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT and Fraunhofer IPMS, 2007, six plates, potographs, 150 x 100cm
Lifetime, REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT and Fraunhofer IPMS, 2007, Detail with haert rate, image sequence and protocol