Education as a Design Process

The Influence of Pop and Consumer Culture on Knowledge Transfer and the Marketing of Education

Installation in the framework of the exhibition Product and Vision - Interfaces and boundaries in art and economy

Video "Education as a Design Process"

9th September - 9th October 2005

What happens if a corporation - in this case, the Berlin-based publishing house Cornelsen - opens its doors to a group of artists? Can artists or arts and Cornelsen or the corporate sector in general learn something from each other, or will their autonomy be questioned? The participants of Product & Vision have studied, amongst others, the finance structure, the identification of the employees with the company, the products (schoolbooks), the production process, the image of the company, and the organisational structure. This exhibition presents the results of this artistic process in installations, videos, pictures and performances, together with other works from the field of art and business.

Product & Vision is initiated by artists Mari Brellochs and Henrik Schrat in cooperation with the Berlin-based art venue Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben. Product & Vision focuses on businesses/enterprises as a dominating form of social organisation. Interfaces and boundaries between art and economy are one of the central issues. How do companies learn, how do artists learn? What does social responsibility mean for artists, and for companies? On the other side the enterprise becomes a model, a source of inspiration for artistic and academic work. To provide a real-life example, the publishing house Cornelsen has been incorporated into the project as a case study, producing exciting interactions for both sides. The company gave the participants of the project insight into their organization and into the working processes, to develop ideas, comments and criticism about them.

As part of the project, a Reader "Sophisticated survival techniques. Strategies in Art and Economy" is published. A catalogue will be published after the exhibition.

Participants of the exhibition:
Acces Local (Paris), Mari Brellochs (Berlin), Cornelsen Verlag (Berlin), Neil Cummings/Marysia Lewandowska (London), Katja Diallo (Dordrecht/Berlin), etoy.CORPORATION (Zürich/international), Rainer Goerss (Berlin), Kent Hansen (Kopenhagen), Imagination Lab (Lausanne), Lucy Kimbell (London), Learning Lab Dänemark (Kopenhagen), Orgacom (Amsterdam), osb-i systemische Organisationsberatung (Tübingen, Wien), REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (Dresden), Institut für Ressourcenschonung Innovation und Sustainability (Berlin), Henrik Schrat (Berlin), Enno Schmidt (Frankfurt a.M.), Barbara Steveni (London), Joël Verwimp (Berlin)

Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin

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