Prague Biennale 1

The peripheries become the center

Veletrcní palác
26.6. - 24.8. 2003

Invited by Michal Kolecek (Czech Republic), RG presents a group of wooden figures

"United Native Country"

height of 2.5 m
wood, painted

The group of figures are oversized smoking figures inspired by the form canon of the folk art of East German Ore Mountains. The family symbolizes a scene from the demonstrations in autumn 1989. It marks an upheaval in the identity of the East Germans. One indication for this is the change of the slogan "We are the people" into "We are One Nation". Like in many other former Eastern Bloc states it marks a reorientation towards a western value system. The chance of making use of own creative opportunities was missed very fast. The pure assumption of western value systems limits the chances to an active development. Which own values can new candidates bring into a united Europe?

List of curators:
Judith Angel (Hungary)
B+B (Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope, Great Britain)
Lino Baldini and Gyonata Bonvicini (Italy)
Luca Beatrice (Italy)
Adam Budak (Poland)
Joshua Decter (Usa)
Laurence Dreyfus (France)
Andrea Di Stefano (Italy)
Jacob Fabricius (Denmark)
Lauri Firstenberg (Usa)
Lavinia Garulli (Italy)
Julieta Gonzalez (Venezuela)
Francesca Jordan and Shu Yeng (China)
Dorothée Kirsch (Iceland)
Michal Kolecek (Czech Republic)
Helena Kontova (Italy)
Sofia Hernandez (New York)
Jens Hoffmann (Germany)
Ekaterina Lazareva (Russia)
Charlotte Mailler (Switzerland)
Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania)
Chus Martinez (Spain)
Greogor Muir (Great Britain)
Neil Mulholland (Scotland)
Peter Nagy (India)
Marco Scotini (Italy)
Francesco Vezzoli (Italy)