CSV- Corporate Social Values

a project of REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT with Stiftung Warentest

Ausstellungs- und Projektraum
Brunnenstr. 151
10115 Berlin
opening, 29th of August 2008, 8pm
29.08. – 26. 09. 2008
CSV - Corporate
Social Values

The Projektgruppe REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT presents an artististic perspective on the relations between consumer protection, corporations and consumers.
The German Consumer Rights Organisation Stiftung Warentest opened it´s doors for this project and made it possible for the artists to be present for a specific product testing process. For the exhibition, an artistic analysis of the phenomenon of testing was created. It is based on the material which was produced during the collaborative process and with statements from product testers. The project has as theme the interdependencies of the „Ethics of Commodities“ and the „Aesthetics of Testing“. Consumer protection is a product and for which growing number of market participants compete. An institution like Stiftung Warentest finds itself in rivalry with other vendors who publish product tests in publications that are financed by print adds. How compatible are
mercantile interests and a claim of independence?
Which standards must corporations adhere to during the production of commodities and what is the role of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR in evaluations? The importance of consumer protection and ethical consuming is growing while common social values are being developed. Are consumers really defining contemporary society, as the sociologist Ulrich Beck asserts?

Ausstellungs- und Projektraum
Brunnenstraße 151, 10115 Berlin
Fon: 030 - 30642400
opening hours: Thu 12-5pm, Fr/Sa 2-7pm

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Susan Donath (Künstlerin, Dresden)